Pet Travel Tips

If you’ve decided to include your pet in your travel plans, careful planning will make a safe and stress-free trip:

~ Bring the appropriate accessories, kennel, ID tags, some familiar toys,

~ Make sure your pet has a clean bill of health and a current health certificate.

~ Travel by plane

~ Try to get a direct & uncrowded flight and make sure your pets kennel is secure.

~ Some Veterinarians will prescribe tranquilizers for a less stressful flight.

~ Feed your pet well before flight, and make sure they are as hydrated as possible.

~ If your pet is less than 15 pounds and you are on a domestic flight, you may be able to fit a small, airline-approved kennel under the seat in front of you. Out of respect for the person sitting next to you, inform passengers that you’ve brought your pet along so they may switch seats with someone else if they suffer from pet allergies. Have paper towels on hand for any inevitable accidents that may occur.

~ Travel by car, as a general rule, if you leave your car, your pet should leave as well.

~ Countless pets die each year from heatstroke after being left alone in hot cars for even a few minutes, pets are not able to control body temperature.

~Travel should be on an empty stomach; car sickness is more likely on a full stomach. If the trip is going to be long you may want to try feeding a smaller amount than normal about two hours before you leave.

~Lots of pit stops & hydrate, as much as possible, pets, like humans can survive some time without food, but water is critical.

*When it comes to traveling pet owners dread having to leave their pets behind, but before you travel ask yourself (or your Veterinarian!) these important questions:

1) Is your pet healthy enough to travel?

2) Does your pet have the temperament for travel?

3) Will you have enough time on your trip to spend with your pet?

(Be realistic,some pets do not travel well and would be better off staying at home.

Some informative links with information on traveling with pets:


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